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Valentines Ball

This year the Valentines Ball is under the auspices of: 

The Feedom of the City of Johannesburg Regiments Association

The event promises to be huge fun and an opportunity to spend time with your loved one and a whole lot of friends.  A winning recipe indeed.

I attach the invitation – please feel free to contact me through this forum or by phone or e-mail. 

A limited amount of tickets are available due to the size of the hall. 

Please book your tickets as early as possible for an unforgettable evening.




Rest in Peace…

It is with great saddness that that the serving members of the Rand Light Infantry have heard of the passing of Ron Munton a previous member of the Regiment and stalwart of the Regimental Association.Ron we salute you – you will be sorely missed!

Lt. Col. J. Mellitchey

Officer Commanding – Rand Light Infantry

Annual Sidi Rezegh Drumhead Service – The last Pictures!

These seems to have misteriously been left behind.

I am sorry about that – this then concludes our pictures from this Parade.  Looking forward to the next event…

sidi-138.jpg  sidi-145.jpg  sidi-148.jpg  sidi-149.jpg  sidi-150.jpg  sidi094a.jpg  sigi-095.jpg

One last request … please let me have, in jpeg format, any photo’s you might want to place on this blog.  We will go through as select


Annual Sidi Rezegh Drumhead Service – More Pictures!

Herewith, another installment:

Please leave a comment if you have found something you like!


0231.jpg  047.jpg025.jpg  0261.jpg  0311.jpg  046.jpg048.jpg  050.jpg  062.jpg  068.jpg

sigi078.jpg  sigi-084.jpg  sigi-086.jpg  sigi-088.jpg  sigi-094.jpg

  sigi-095.jpg  sigi-097-2.jpg  sigi-098.jpg  sigi-099.jpg  sigi-100.jpg

 sigi-101.jpg  sigi-102.jpg sigi-105.jpg sigi-106.jpg  sigi-109.jpg

sigi-118.jpg  sigi-121.jpg  sigi-125.jpg  sigi-128.jpg  sigi-130.jpg

 Next week I will publish the last couple.

Have a great weekend.


Annual Sidi Rezegh Drumhead Service – Pictures!

And here they are….

I would like to thank Henfre and Jean at Jel Distribution Ltd., for making these the most beautiful photo’s anyone could hope for. 

I would also like to say thank you to everybody who made it one of my most memorable Sundays!  A special word of thanks to our hosts on Sunday – Transvaal Horse Artillery, South African Irish, Transvaal Scottish.


001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  005.jpg  006.jpg  007.jpg  008.jpg  009.jpg  010.jpg  070.jpg  052.jpg 026.jpg  

029.jpg  033.jpg  019.jpg  023.jpg 031.jpg 

 057.jpg  061.jpg  063.jpg 

Till next time….


Troop Ship SS Mendi…

“At this year’s service a special tribute was paid to mark the 90th anniversary of the sinking of the troopship SS Mendi, when over 600 men of the South African Native Labour corps perished in the English Channel during World War 1.”


The story of the SS Mendi is one of bravery and comradeship in the face of death.  In January 1917 the troopship Mendi sailed to France, carrying a contingent of the South African Labour Corps, comprising five white officers, seventeen non-commissioned officers and 805 black privates.


On the morning of 21 February, during World War 1, in thick fog, another ship, the SS Daro, (10 000 tons) traveling at full speed in the English Channel and without warning signals, rammed the SS Mendi (4 230 tons), which sank in 20 minutes.


Rev. Isaac Wauchope cried words of encouragement to the dying men”

“Be quiet and calm my countrymen for what is taking place now is what you came here to do.  We are all going to die, and that is what we came for.  Brothers we are drilling the death drill.  I say here and now that you are all my brothers.  Xhosa, Swazis, Pondos, Basotho and all others, let us die like warriors.  We are the sons of Africa.  Raise your war cries my brothers, for though they made us leave our assegais back in the kraals, our voices are left with our bodies…”


The men sang and stamped the death dance together as the Mendi sank taking with her all still on board and many who leapt into the freezing water.  Some 609 African soldiers died, along with nine officers and 31 crew members.


The next couple of pictures are of two survivors who attended the Remembrance day Parade:

lt-ngwenya-richard-and-mendi-survivors.jpg  lt-richard-ngwenya-and-mendi-survivors.jpg  mendi.jpg  ss-mendi-survivors.jpg  survivors-ss-mendi.jpg  There ages are estimated only as they have no ID documents.  After a quick count we ascertained that they must be about 106 years old if they joined the Army at 16 years of of age.  What absolute gentlemen.


More general pictures of Sunday:


lt-col-mellitchey.jpg  metro-police.jpg  mike.jpg  mr-bekketts-trek.jpg  mr-and-mrs-bennett.jpg  on-with-the-show.jpg  oom-robbie-concentrates.jpg  piper-irish.jpg  sentry2.jpg  sentry.jpg


Till next time.



Annual Sidi Rezegh Drumhead Service

On Sunday the 25th of November 2007, the Annual Sidi Rezegh Drumhead Service will take place at the Kensington Garrison at 11h00. 

Address:  128 Langerman Drive, Kensington, Johannesburg

Photo’s of this parade will be placed on Tuesday 27 November 2007.

On this day we remember:   

16th – 23rd November 1941, to the Mediterranean coastal town of Tobruk situated some 600km west of Alexandria harbor north of Cairo in the North African Sahara desert country.

It was in that harsh environment in the Tobruk area where the Allies, including our South African forces, took on Rommel with his German Africa Korp which ended in a vicious and devastating armored and infantry battle over days, and traumatically resulted in extremely heavy losses in men and material and in which the Allies were defeated.

Many of our boys were killed; they had made the supreme sacrifice. Many wounded and others taken prisoners of war in that historical German victory, which is still vividly recalled by many, hence this Day of Remembrance.

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor do the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning.                                         “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”!!!

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